Tips for Running an Air Conditioner Without Breaking the Bank

Tips for Running an Air Conditioner Without Breaking the BankDespite the faux-Polar Vortex that hit the country last week, summer is well and truly here. And, despite a few pleasantly not-scorching days, it’s been hot. Really hot. And that means it’s time to talk about keeping cool!

Energy Saver has a great list of air-conditioning tips.  These are the ones that could help me right now:

  • Set your thermostat as high as you can stand.  Remember, the longer your air conditioner is on, the more energy you’re using—and the more money you’re spending.  If you can handle the house being one degree warmer, take the opportunity and save some money. And be sure to turn off (or at least turn down) your AC when you leave home.
  • But don’t forget about humidity!  You may be tempted to deal with the heat, turn the AC off, and swelter.  I did this once. Once.  I ended up with rampant mold.  Air conditioners do help dehumidify your home. So if you live in a place where humidity is an issue, consider it when you decide when to run the air conditioner.
  • Use fans and air conditioners together to circulate cool air. This can make it easier to cool your home without running the air conditioner as long or as hard. And hey, the one-two punch of using both might make you comfortable enough to raise your thermostat a few degrees.

Air conditioning is a modern marvel, but it can also be expensive.  Thankfully, there are small ways to make make that burden a little easier.


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