Inventory ReportsInventory reports starting from £80
The inventory report gives a complete record of the interior, furniture, fixtures and fittings of the property including any outside space. We provide digital photos detailing each room and focusing on items of value or on specific defects. We also offer discounted rates when an Inventory is carried out at the same time as a Check-In report.

Check–in starting from £60
During check-in we meet the new tenants, walk them through the property, hand over the keys (if requested) and ask them to sign the Inventory report. The signature on the Inventory report will provide grounds on which any deposits can be withheld at the end of the tenancy.

Check–out starting from £60
A check-out report takes place when the tenants move out. The check-out compares the condition at the end of the tenancy to that on the inventory report. Any discrepancies are reported, thus forming the basis on which to withhold repayment of the deposit.
Finally we could obtain all keys for the property at this time and return them to the agency.

Interim report starting from £60
At any given point in time during a tenancy we could act as an unbiased third party and  provide an interim report detailing the condition of a property and its contents.

If you decide to order an inventory report at the same time as the check–in, you could benefit from our special “inventory and check-in” discount.  Please write to to receive further information.